Teaching Your Kids To Be Friendly

Kids tend to get a little irritated and peeved around other people, especially with other kids. While this can be viewed as a normal child behavior, it can also alienate them from other kids who are more open and friendly to others.

Building connection with others at an early age might be a little difficult for your kid, but you can teach them some skills to get them to open up to others

  • Make it a habit it introduce your kids to new people

Ever since your toddler was born, the people that he sees and interact with is you, your partner and other family members. They seldom get to know other outside this circle. A presence of a stranger might make them feel a little anxious. To ease him into other’s presence, try to repeatedly introduce people to him. For instance, make it a habit it visit a good neighbor and bring your kid with you. Once he is familiar with the faces, he will be less anxious and more open on interacting with these people.


  • Organize play dates with other kids

You can also try to widen your kid’s circle of friends by introducing him to other kids. One way you can do this is organizing play dates with your neighbor’s kid. Your toddler will be able to familiarize himself with people living near your place and also gets the chance to play with other kids his age. This would get him to relax a little and have fun while being around people. The best nursery in Ajman includes active plays and physical activities with other kids to help build up their social skills. You can do the same.

  • Do not force them

Making friends do not happen overnight, even for adults. So if your kid is having a hard time connecting with other people, do not force them to do so. This is a step by step process and toddlers are still trying to get the hang of it. Be patient and let them connect at their own phase. In time, they will be able to connect with others who share a common interest with them.


  • Talk to them

Sometimes, toddlers are a little shy to even speak and interact. What the teachers of a nursery in Mirdif Dubai do is ask their students what is bothering them so they can provide simple solution to their dilemma. From their answers, you can get a sense of why they are having a hard time making friends. Give them simple advice and initiate activities that can help them to connect with others.