4 dishes that you must try at an Italian restaurant

If you are planning to visit an Italian restaurant, then you must know about a few must-have dishes which will hopefully be on the menu. These are basically delicacies that will take you on what can be considered a serious food adventure. The best part about eating at fine dining Italian restaurants in Dubai is that there is no need at all for you to queue up at the counter. There are seats for every customer and you are guaranteed to have the best dining experience possible.

With that, here is a look into a few dishes that you must definitely try out when you next visit an Italian restaurant:

Fregola con Bottarga

Believe it or not, but this dish is so delicious that it will literally leave you tongue tied. For those who don’t know, Bottarga happens to be a cured and dried Mediterranean fish roe. On the other hand, Fregola is a type of pasta that was first introduced to the world in the islands of Sardinia. Considering that Sardinia is close to Africa, the pasta is a lot like couscous. To give you better insight, this famous Italian dish features rich flavors of different kinds of seafood. These are typically inclusive of mussels, scallops and prawns. Apart from that, there is also a strong and aromatic flavor of seasonings for you to enjoy.

Tortellini in Bordo

This dish is basically stuffed with pork, beef and a bit of parma ham. But, what you need to know is that the broth of this dish is what it is all about. There is simply no way that the dish would do well without it. believe it or not, but the dish is so good that you may actually have to stop yourself from eating so as to save space in your stomach for the other dishes that you might have ordered.

Pancetta Funghi Caprino e Scalogno

This food item comes with a pizza dough that has a very crispy crust due to being cooked in a wood fired oven. However, the pizza is cooked in a manner that it remains fluffy and unburnt on the inside. It has a bit of a pungent smell due to being under seasoned, but there are ample amounts of pancetta and goat cheese to cover it up. Believe it or not, but the pizza is so delicious that you can actually eat it without any toppings.  Get more info about these and other popular Italian dishes now!