De-cluterring Your Home For The Holidays

With the upcoming holidays in sight, expect that your home will be filled with gifts and other Christmas-related stuff. And even before the actual holidays come, the whole house will be out of space and it will be difficult for you and your family to move around.

But you don’t have to spend the Holidays in a cramped home. What you need to do is to de-clutter and organize your stuff to create a comfortable space. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Do a general home cleaning

When de-cluttering, the first order of business is to do a general cleaning at your home. By cleaning, you will be able to remove the unnecessary things and throw out broken furniture to give your home more space. You will be able to organize your belongings to make way for the incoming ones. It would be best to do this a month before the holidays. The holiday season started, you will have no time to sort this out.


  • Go easy on the decorations

One of the things that makes the space too cramped are the decorations. Before you start putting them in, assess your space so you can determine the size and amount of Christmas decor that you will be putting on it. Be sure to put the big ones (like the Christmas tree) on a place where it will not become an obstruction. Be mindful about the size of the tree. Get the exact dimension of the allotted space and use it as a reference when buying one.


  • Utilize unknown spaces for additional room

Holidays would mean more shopping and more bags inside your space. Before you know it you are running out of storage space to store all those gifts and stuff. If you think that you are low in storage space, be smart and use those unknown spaces for storage. Check the space under your bed and your stairs. You can probably squeeze in some of your shopping bags inside so they won’t clutter the space.


  • Store extra furniture for the meantime

If every space in your home has been used for storage, drastic measures must be taken. To create space, you can have some of your furniture stored temporarily in a storage facility. There are facilities offering short-term furniture storage in Dubai for temporary storage of home furnishings and other home equipment.

  • Organize your kitchen stuff

Holidays may also mean that your kitchen will be loaded with groceries for dinner. Make way for the grocery bags by having your kitchen cabinet and equipment organized.

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