Tips For Clueless Men On Wearing Jewelry

It is a common knowledge that men are not big when it comes to jewelry. They simply leave the ladies to have the honor of wearing iconic pieces to make them stand out from the crowd. But, there are some fashion-forward men who like to push the envelope to level up their fashion statement.

If you are thinking of adding a classic touch to your plain wardrobe, here are some rules that will guide you on the right way of wearing men’s jewelry.

  • Complement not matching

Matching pieces are common for the ladies. Their necklace should always match their earrings and the rest of the pieces. But for men, fashion experts would prefer them to wear pieces that complement each other, but not exactly matching. This can give these gentlemen’s look an interesting mix. For instance, a cool combination of men’s rings in UAE made of metal and some bracelets that are made of different material. But it would all depend on the wearer’s preference and personal style.

  • Stick with small but refined pieces

Costume pieces of jewelry, especially the big ones are not very fashionable to look at, both for men and women. It would be best to pick and wear refined pieces that would not overwhelm the entire look of the ensemble. The purpose of wearing jewelry is to highlight your outfit, not to overpower them.


  • Go for thin necklaces

If you want to try on wearing some necklace, try this tip: wear something thin and minimal. This will look extra dashing for casual and summer wears. You wear one or two thin necklaces to enhance your casual look. Bold and thick pieces would look a little over-the-top in this case.


  • Keep your time telling device simple and elegant

A watch is always part of a man’s ensemble. The question here is what kind of watch would be appropriate. The answer would depend on your style. But the basic is, do not wear a watch that it out of character from your wardrobe. If you are going for the classic look, go for a medium-sized watch with leather band.


  • Safety pin should be considered

Safety pins are not only used to put your garments in place, men can also use this as a fashion statement. Bring out your preppy side, a collar pin would be the best addition to your wardrobe. Refrain from using the safety pins you have in your sewing pin. Invest in a collar pin to achieve the dandy look you want.